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Let the Little Children Come

by davidnliney on Jun.24, 2010, under All

Today, sometime before daybreak, our 5 year old, Megan, climbed into our bed and held me-with both arms. She fell asleep that way, and I had no intention of escaping her clutches-in fact, I relished it. But my mind couldn’t really focus on the moment. You see, yesterday, our team in Cambodia adopted a little girl about the same age as our daughter. Her name is Tete. Last month while in Cambodia, we taught a local village on preventing human trafficking-it’s a village known for selling its children. That’s where we met this jewel.

Love at first sight

Tete...Love at first sight

She was referred to as the “village idiot” because, mentally, she’s a bit slow. We noticed that the other villagers were rough with her. Upon further inquiry, we were informed that her caregiver (her grandmother) had sold Tete’s mother to be a sex slave-she died six months ago. Tete’s father is dying of AIDS. We couldn’t leave her there. So as of last night, Tete belongs to you and me.

The first thing our team did was shave her hair—it was lice-infested. That’s when we noticed the scars from beatings on her head and bruises on her body. Tete needs diapers too-she doesn’t know how to use a toilet. After all that, she was taken to a doctor. He confirmed that she is not HIV positive (thank God) but has been raped. While the doctor was examining her, she screamed and cried. What was she remembering? Was she sold to the highest bidder like many other young girls? Or was she just used and abused since her life held no value to the villagers? My heart aches when I think of what she may have endured. Our prayer is that she will be healed, body soul, and spirit, by the love of Jesus. He loves Tete.



So while I bask in a warm embrace and whiff strawberry-scented hair….I look forward to holding Tete and telling her how special she is; wiping her tears away; praying with her….But, there are many more Tetes…we can’t forget that. Human trafficking is real. Children are being scarred in more ways than we can imagine.  When we say there are 27 million victims of trafficking, we’re talking about the population of Australia …Insurmountable? No. With God, you and I will make a difference…just let the children come.

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  • Tanu

    Powerful…David and Liney…
    I leapt in my spirit when I read about Tete… (you know, her name means ‘head’ in french..) Its ironic when I saw her head shaved… All the years of abuse and neglect have been shaved away… and now , may she become a Head in the Kingdom of God !!
    Love you guys for what you are doing…

  • Thomas Fideler

    There are two messages here that greatly affect my heart: first, the vulnerable condition of Tete reflects the plight of the millions of other girls who are exposed daily, through neglect and/or human trafficking, to abominable, dehumanizing abuse; and, equally impacting, this is a memorable and heart-affecting demonstration that compassion and prayer must be vitally connected to action in order to loose the bonds of wickedness, to help the oppressed be set free!

  • Michele Fideler

    Liney, I cried as I read this! I am so happy that she is ours now. Praying and listening about what to do next.

    P.S. I tried to donate using the link on this website and it didn’t work (several tries.)

    Much love,


  • Michele Fideler

    I figured out the issue with the donate button–it works from Internet Explorer but not from Firefox.

  • Susan

    Liney, I’m so sad reading this. I wish Tete didn’t have horrible memories to remember. I pray that God would help her heal and forget. Thank you for writing this.


  • Sunil

    Tete has touched my heart. How can I help?


  • davidnliney

    We’re going to search for a house to use as a safe house this summer…and find some brothers and sisters for Tete…she’s doing great, by the way!

  • davidnliney

    Susan, thank God she’s young and mercy has reached her…we hope to overwhelm her with so much fun and good memories that the other ones are drowned!

  • Aisha

    This touches my heart greatly. It does sadden my heart that terrible things have happened but in view of our God and what He does… the hope available to her now… thank you for the work that you are doing and for sharing like this… giving line of sight to another’s reality.

  • Philip

    Nothing closer to Jesus’ heart than children. Thank God for everything you are doing for these precious little ones.

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