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We’re Buying the White House!

by grmadmin on Mar.26, 2016, under Newletter


Before you wonder if we’re getting caught up with the political hype around us, let us tell you a story…

Two years ago, we began Selah House, Indonesia. The Lord brought us beautiful children who have found a place of safety and healing in the safehouse. However, finding a rental home for the safehouse was not without challenges in Muslim Indonesia. One landlord, upon learning that we were Christians, refused to sign the rental agreement because she was afraid her neighbors would burn down her house if Christians lived there.

Last year, while an agent was showing Liney and the team a rental house, she asked the Lord for a sign. Suddenly, Liney noticed words etched on a dusty windowpane. It said: “Jesus is my life.” Speechless, she pointed at the words. The agent sheepishly confessed that he wrote it, and that he was a minister too! When he understood the nature of our work, he agreed to let us rent the place for a year with an option to buy. He also assured us that the house was safe and surrounded by Christians.

A year passed, and it was time to purchase the house or move. We began to pray with our board and team members about buying the house. No word.

Last month, during a conference, Liney felt like giving up on the potential purchase, because of the lack of clarity. Right then, a young lady at the conference turned to Liney, and asked for her name. She told her that God had just told her Liney’s name (except she had heard “Lilly” :) . And that she saw a vision of Liney standing in front of a white house saying, “Lord, I can’t do it. It’s too much.”  The young lady then saw Jesus come to Liney and declare, “GO FOR IT! I AM WITH YOU!” This was the undeniable proof we were waiting for–God was in this!

When we shared what happened with the landlord, he reduced the price by another $13k….FAVOR!

Now, it was time to see the Lord provide. Suggestions were made to do another gala, send appeals, etc. As we prayed, however, there was a deep sense that God’s supernatural hand was upon this project. Why not trust Him?!

Recently, as we casually shared this account with a couple, the Lord moved on both their hearts to help us buy the property. They promptly wrote a check for $80,000 and handed it to us. It more than covers the purchase price as well as the renovations!! We are exploding with joy because of His miraculous provision!

We came away from this amazing,, Spirit-led adventure with the assurance that where He guides, He provides. His provision is not based on our striving, but on His favor. He can suddenly pour out the blessing; and when He does it, it’s always more than enough! To God be all the glory!

That being said, pray for the white house on Pennsylvania Ave. too–whether it’s writing on the walls or windowpanes–Jesus reigns and He alone brings Life.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more
than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.
Eph 3:20

Selah Gala, 2015
Thank you to all who participated in our Gala last November! We were blown away by the number of volunteers, attendees, and donations. Your giving raised enough funds to operate Selah Houses in Cambodia and Indonesia in 2016. That includes private school, nutritious food, clothes, activities, and most of all–an atmosphere where God heals–all courtesy of your generosity! Our girls and caregivers are elated and send their gratitude to each of you. Special shout-outs to our main sponsors:Superscapes and Bracha, and guest speaker, Lance Wallnau!
And the Lost Come Home…
During our gala in November, we shared with the participants that one of our little girls at Selah House, Cambodia was missing. This beautiful 5 year old had been taken by a family member for a brief national holiday and not returned. Phone calls were not answered and after traveling to her village, we were were told that no one knew of her whereabouts. A few weeks ago, she was located and brought back to safety! To say it was a miracle is an understatement. Finding one child with hardly any leads or cooperation in a country lacking infrastructure is like finding a needle in a haystack. But she belongs to Him who sees all and knows all. We are so thankful–Rejoice with us!
Another Chain Reaction
In Indonesia, we  also initiated an educational center in a brothel village. On our first visit, the village chief’s wife came to us with heavy heart–marriage, financial, and relational problem. She opened her heart and home for prayer. A few weeks ago, she came running to meet us with a smile and glow that was not there before. Maria began to describe the miracles Christ has been doing in her life–she started a business, joy was back in her heart, and the curse she was under was broken! Not only did her face indicate a transformation, but her testimony of the power of prayer was communicated to the other ladies in the village. So they came, one after another, streaming into Maria’s home to experience heaven. We sat on Maria’s floor and shared Jesus’ love as we prayed for the precious, broken women who did not know all these years that they can have access to God! This is “Thy Kingdom come” in action…thank you for sending us!
Equipping for Impact
David is in Asia now with a team from Cornerstone Church, Singapore, and two of his brothers…Prayers requested for these mighty servants poised to do exploits. 

In Vietnam, our third class of students are in session. Although it’s a Communist nation, Vietnam is experiencing explosive growth. Because of the present regime, however, they cannot meet in large groups–they gather in small, house churches. Hence the need for many trained shepherds. We are privileged to collaborate with our partners there in equipping for ministry.

We are also blessed to train leaders from all over Cambodia. The next class is set to graduate in May. Harvest is great…laborers are few. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send many more…

These are a few of the amazing things happening in SE Asia–we are so glad you are a part of it! We sense an urgency to up our prayer momentum by assigning an intercessor for each of our team members and safe house children. If God speaks to you to be part of that team, please email us
We need those who, as in Nehemiah’s days, stood by the wall–armed and ready so others can keep building. 

Blessings to all of you! We so appreciate your love and encouragement…

In love,
Global Renewal Team
and David & Liney Chacko

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