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We’re Buying the White House!

by grmadmin on Mar.26, 2016, under Newletter


Before you wonder if we’re getting caught up with the political hype around us, let us tell you a story…

Two years ago, we began Selah House, Indonesia. The Lord brought us beautiful children who have found a place of safety and healing in the safehouse. However, finding a rental home for the safehouse was not without challenges in Muslim Indonesia. One landlord, upon learning that we were Christians, refused to sign the rental agreement because she was afraid her neighbors would burn down her house if Christians lived there.

Last year, while an agent was showing Liney and the team a rental house, she asked the Lord for a sign. Suddenly, Liney noticed words etched on a dusty windowpane. It said: “Jesus is my life.” Speechless, she pointed at the words. The agent sheepishly confessed that he wrote it, and that he was a minister too! When he understood the nature of our work, he agreed to let us rent the place for a year with an option to buy. He also assured us that the house was safe and surrounded by Christians.

A year passed, and it was time to purchase the house or move. We began to pray with our board and team members about buying the house. No word.

Last month, during a conference, Liney felt like giving up on the potential purchase, because of the lack of clarity. Right then, a young lady at the conference turned to Liney, and asked for her name. She told her that God had just told her Liney’s name (except she had heard “Lilly” :) . And that she saw a vision of Liney standing in front of a white house saying, “Lord, I can’t do it. It’s too much.”  The young lady then saw Jesus come to Liney and declare, “GO FOR IT! I AM WITH YOU!” This was the undeniable proof we were waiting for–God was in this!

When we shared what happened with the landlord, he reduced the price by another $13k….FAVOR!

Now, it was time to see the Lord provide. Suggestions were made to do another gala, send appeals, etc. As we prayed, however, there was a deep sense that God’s supernatural hand was upon this project. Why not trust Him?!

Recently, as we casually shared this account with a couple, the Lord moved on both their hearts to help us buy the property. They promptly wrote a check for $80,000 and handed it to us. It more than covers the purchase price as well as the renovations!! We are exploding with joy because of His miraculous provision!

We came away from this amazing,, Spirit-led adventure with the assurance that where He guides, He provides. His provision is not based on our striving, but on His favor. He can suddenly pour out the blessing; and when He does it, it’s always more than enough! To God be all the glory!

That being said, pray for the white house on Pennsylvania Ave. too–whether it’s writing on the walls or windowpanes–Jesus reigns and He alone brings Life.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more
than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.
Eph 3:20

Selah Gala, 2015
Thank you to all who participated in our Gala last November! We were blown away by the number of volunteers, attendees, and donations. Your giving raised enough funds to operate Selah Houses in Cambodia and Indonesia in 2016. That includes private school, nutritious food, clothes, activities, and most of all–an atmosphere where God heals–all courtesy of your generosity! Our girls and caregivers are elated and send their gratitude to each of you. Special shout-outs to our main sponsors:Superscapes and Bracha, and guest speaker, Lance Wallnau!
And the Lost Come Home…
During our gala in November, we shared with the participants that one of our little girls at Selah House, Cambodia was missing. This beautiful 5 year old had been taken by a family member for a brief national holiday and not returned. Phone calls were not answered and after traveling to her village, we were were told that no one knew of her whereabouts. A few weeks ago, she was located and brought back to safety! To say it was a miracle is an understatement. Finding one child with hardly any leads or cooperation in a country lacking infrastructure is like finding a needle in a haystack. But she belongs to Him who sees all and knows all. We are so thankful–Rejoice with us!
Another Chain Reaction
In Indonesia, we  also initiated an educational center in a brothel village. On our first visit, the village chief’s wife came to us with heavy heart–marriage, financial, and relational problem. She opened her heart and home for prayer. A few weeks ago, she came running to meet us with a smile and glow that was not there before. Maria began to describe the miracles Christ has been doing in her life–she started a business, joy was back in her heart, and the curse she was under was broken! Not only did her face indicate a transformation, but her testimony of the power of prayer was communicated to the other ladies in the village. So they came, one after another, streaming into Maria’s home to experience heaven. We sat on Maria’s floor and shared Jesus’ love as we prayed for the precious, broken women who did not know all these years that they can have access to God! This is “Thy Kingdom come” in action…thank you for sending us!
Equipping for Impact
David is in Asia now with a team from Cornerstone Church, Singapore, and two of his brothers…Prayers requested for these mighty servants poised to do exploits. 

In Vietnam, our third class of students are in session. Although it’s a Communist nation, Vietnam is experiencing explosive growth. Because of the present regime, however, they cannot meet in large groups–they gather in small, house churches. Hence the need for many trained shepherds. We are privileged to collaborate with our partners there in equipping for ministry.

We are also blessed to train leaders from all over Cambodia. The next class is set to graduate in May. Harvest is great…laborers are few. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send many more…

These are a few of the amazing things happening in SE Asia–we are so glad you are a part of it! We sense an urgency to up our prayer momentum by assigning an intercessor for each of our team members and safe house children. If God speaks to you to be part of that team, please email us
We need those who, as in Nehemiah’s days, stood by the wall–armed and ready so others can keep building. 

Blessings to all of you! We so appreciate your love and encouragement…

In love,
Global Renewal Team
and David & Liney Chacko

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2015 5k Registration

by grmadmin on Feb.14, 2015, under All, Human Trafficking

Global Renewal’s Annual Fund Raiser will be on March 14, 2015.  Register now!

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Update from the field…and our hearts

by grmadmin on Jan.25, 2015, under Newletter





Update from the field and our hearts
November, 2014



Global Renewal’s response to abuse trafficking
Save the Date!

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Global Renewal

P.O. Box 112416
Carrollton, TX 75011-2416


from our hearts…

For those of you who follow and support our ministry, you may have sensed a silence on our part for the last several months. It’s not that God isn’t moving; you’ll read below of His amazing, empowering, redeeming works. But, for us as a family, the last year has been the most painful…the most difficult (please don’t be alarmed–all is well). Suffice it to say that the enemy waged war, sent his emissaries,  and attempted to destroy us and Global Renewal. Keyword: attempted. Love wins. Justice wins. Jesus wins….always. As Joseph, we declare, “(the enemy) meant evil against me; but God meant it for good… to save many people alive.” (‭Genesis‬ ‭50‬:‭20‬) We share this because you care, you pray, and you believe. Those truths coupled with our Father, who taxes the farthest star to provide for His own, enables us to trudge forward–weary and a bit blood-smeared…but forward! As our friends, we want you to know that your prayers are effective and so needed. And, that your prayers are heard!!
Selah House–Cambodia
In the last few months, 3 more beauties have joined our family! S. is 5 and E. and C. are 12. We are so encouraged that the 5 year old was brought to our attention by her village chief moments before her grandmother intended to sell her. Thank God for men like the chief who are choosing life in Cambodia! E. is a lovely girl brought to us by Ruth Elliott of Daughters of Cambodia. Please keep that ministry and the great work they’re doing in prayer.
Selah House, Indonesia
This summer, we launched our first safehouse in Indonesia. Although it’s the largest Muslim nation in the world and mostly conservative, trafficking and exploitation of children are predominant. Comprised of thousands of islands, Indonesia is fertile ground for inconspicuous slavery. Many times, young girls are lured from their villages with promises of jobs in the big city. Their final destination is often remote islands guarded by men with rifles. The dream job replaced with satisfying unwanted customers.
We have been actively pursuing leads in the brothels and in doing so, made many friends–simple women with broken hearts and shattered hope. God is opening an amazing opportunity to begin community outreaches in the brothels–imagine: literacy, computer, sewing, salon skills being taught to these precious ladies so that they can have a fresh start! Pray the doors open, friends–you are part of the harvest!
Chu, Pas. Ricky, and David 

Vietnamfrom Death to Life
The Vietnam War ended in 1975, but it was not until 20 years later that Vietnam released its official estimate of 3.5 million casualties.

Currently, over 9,000 people receive Jesus annually through our partner organization. As a result, there is a critical shortage of pastors. Global Renewal is actively training 120 students in the South and plan to train another 60 in the North. It only costs $60/ to equip a pastor (food, board, and transportation).

Hai ministering in the Drug Rehab Center

Changed People Change People
Chu, the son of a high ranking official, used to be a drug addict and a thief. He received Jesus and became a witness to the local police and officials. Chu graduated the training program and has since started 7 house churches!

Hai attended our training and shared how it caused him to be an effective leader. He now runs a drug rehab center for  recovering drug addicts.  The residents leave the center changed; many go into ministry and make positive impacts in their society.

Reaching Cambodia

Sunday Evangelistic Outreach–over 400 people came out to hear the Word

Youth led in worship as Sunday School girls danced

Your continued intercession and generosity enables the continued work of the Spirit in Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. We believe the atmosphere is changing and the best days are yet to come! 

In love,
the Global Renewal Team
David & Liney Chacko


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Because He Lives…News from Asia

by grmadmin on Apr.11, 2013, under Newletter




Here’s what’s been happening  in SE Asia…


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Pas. Mike with Anna, Anthany, Liney                     Graduates of Vietnam Training Center
and David 

Pastoral team from Dallas together with                             Our Phnom Penh team
CRC graduates and team from Singapore

Visit from Pastor Hayes
We were so blessed by the visit of Pastor Mike Hayes and his team of pastors – Stephen Hayes, James DeMelo, and David Binion to Phnom Penh during our recent graduation. They went on to Singapore where Pastor Mike ministered powerfully on The Blessing of Abraham at Cornerstone Community Church. Their visit to Vietnam was also very special. Pastor Hayes’ timely word of encouragement lifted the spirits of the persecuted leaders and brought about a new level of friendship and partnership with the persecuted church.

Impacting Communities!
This was what the MegaCare team from Potter’s House, Dallas did when they visited us in Cambodia. They fed an entire village of 600 people (in Takeo province) while our students sang and shared the gospel.

They also blessed each family with rice and other provisions. MegaCare visited two other communities in Phnom Penh where thirty people received the Lord and many were healed. Thank you, Pastor Guynes and MegaCare!
Seminar for Local Pastors
The day after the graduation, we held a seminar for the local pastors. We could tell that they were really blessed by the ministry of the Covenant pastors, and we pray that the anointing will go with them back to the provinces of Cambodia!
Meet Daphne
Daphne Lee, from Cornerstone Church, Singapore, felt the call of God to come to Cambodia. In her own words, “I have been tremendously blessed by my time here, under the ministry of Pastors David and Liney Chacko, and I know that this won’t be the last of my trips to Cambodia. Whilst here, I helped with the youth outreach, which includes a weekly youth service, as well as English classes for university students. I also enjoyed interacting with the students at the training center, as well as the children at the safe house, and will miss them immensely when I return home.”

Alumni Wedding

Kim Cheng and Seang Heak graduated from our center and served on staff for a season. It was a joy to see them united in marriage in their province, Kampong Cham. Both of them are currently serving the Lord together in the province. Congratulations, Kim Cheng and Seang Heak!

May 17th–Freedom is Here! Benefit Concert

In years past, we experienced great generosity from all of you during our benefits. This year, David and Nicole Binion and Johnnyswim will be in concert to aid Chain Reaction, our anti-trafficking initiative.  All proceeds will benefit Selah House and prevention strategies we have implemented in SE Asia. Please plan on joining us as we sing and declare freedom over the nations. Admission is free and the concert will be held at Covenant Church, Carrollton TX at 7pm.

David’s Parents in Phnom Penh
Joseph Chacko (age 83) and Annamma Chacko (age 80) travelled across the world to visit Cambodia. They loved giving food to the hungry and praying for the sick. It was such an inspiration to see their zeal–proving that you’re never too old to be on fire for God!

Graduation Time in Cambodia
Eighty pastors and leaders joined us in celebrating the graduation of our students who complete their 9 month intensive training course. Here is a testimony from one of the graduates:
“Hi everyone, my name is Rann. I come from Ratanakiri Province. When I first came to the training center to study the Bible, I didn’t know how to speak or write in Khmer (the national language). However, the Lord taught me to how to read and write in 7 months…Now, I am even trying to learn English! I love to pray and to worship, and I want God to use me mightily to evangelize my nation!”
Meet Jay
Jay Samar is serving the Filipino Congregation of Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore. God gave him a burden for Cambodia during his university days. His mission trips to CRC have strengthened his desire to serve this nation. Jay senses that God has a great plan for Cambodia and its youth have a vital role to play. We have been so blessed by the Filipino congregation and their frequent visits to help out in Cambodia–special thanks to Pastors Jay, Hazeil, and Brenda!

A Little Note from a Big Heart

The dear children at Selah House are growing quickly and bring joy to all who know them! The note above was given to us by one of the girls at Christmas and is from their hearts to each of you who pray for them and give to their cause…We are grateful to you!



We just landed in the U.S. and look forward to seeing many of you while we’re here. It’s been a challenging yet fruitful season in Asia–
your love and encouragement has always propelled us onward.
We love you all and thank God for the privilege of serving Him together with you!

David, Liney, and the Global Renewal Team

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Hello from Cambodia! (David and Liney)

by grmadmin on Apr.10, 2013, under Newletter





Global Renewal News Update: September, 2012 Email not displaying correctly?


Global Renewal Logo


It is Well
Although these past few months have brought their share of challenges and battles, we know that He who sits on the throne does all things well. With great gratitude we acknowledge all of you who have prayed, encouraged, given, and believed with us. You are bringing RENEWAL to the nations!
We are especially grateful for the amazing guests, teams, and volunteers that have blessed us with their lives. Special thanks to the sending churches: Cornerstone Community Church–Singapore, Overcomer Covenant Church–Seattle, and our own Covenant Church–Carrollton who sent us an amazing long-term volunteer, Anthany Arosanera. In typical Asian fashion, we clasp our hands, incline our heads and say to all of you, “Akun!”

Fishing Lessons

Hungry people often come to us for rice and milk for their babies. We do what we can to provide for them, but the goal is to make them self-sustaining. Here’s one of our favorite stories: 

Om Saroum’s comfortable lifestyle came to an abrupt halt when her husband died. Poverty hit her hard. She also had contracted AIDS through her husband. When she sought help, her wealthy cousin chased her away. Found crying outside a gate, our team brought her in, comforted her, and introduced her to Christ. Today, Saroum loves the Lord and rarely comes to church without at least one new visitor! Recently we were able to purchase a sewing machine for her so that she could support herself.

We are so happy to provide opportunities for the poor to be self-employed and sustained. Often, startup money for a simple micro-business (raising pigs, chickens) can be life-altering for an entire family or community. Our prayer is that every person in His House be provided for…Our God is more than enough!

Fire in Vietnam

After learning about church planting, one student decided to implement it in a remote, mountain village. It was not long before the Communist police arrived with some “hired help”. They beat him with an iron pole, and X-rays verified that his cheekbone was broken in 4 places. Unable to talk or eat, he braced himself for surgery. When the student’s young wife entered the hospital room, she asked, “Isn’t our God the God of miracles??” Something began to happen. Overnight, the Lord healed him. He was discharged in the morning–talking and ready to eat!

Vietnam Renewal Center’s mandate is to prepare the Body for the coming revival in Vietnam. Fifteen house churches have been initiated by our students in the course of one year. We are excited about their graduation on October 26th! Pray revival in!

4th Annual
Bike-a-thon / 5K

For all our friends in the Dallas area, you can walk, run, or bike in support of Global Renewal. This year’s event will include games, raffles, bounce houses, and loads of fun! Mark your calendars for October 27, 2012 and check here for more information and registration. 

Prayer Needs

Please pray for us, our children, staff, and students as we fight a tenacious enemy. We are convinced that God will soon crush Satan under our feet.

  • For those who are called to come and assist us in all 3 nations (Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia)
  • Rescue of children. In the last 3 months, over 40 children have been found dead in Phnom Penh–victims of organ trafficking.
  • Upcoming training camp and graduation in Vietnam with Pas. Gordon Banks.  

    We thank God for the privilege of serving Him together with you!
    David, Liney, and the Global Renewal Team



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You’re receiving this email because you’re a friend of Global Renewal. 

Our mailing address is:
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Global Renewal is a regisered 501(c)(3) and all contributions are tax deductible.



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